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DeLor Montessori School has a fully accredited staff and facilities offering your child between the Infant/Toddler ages through 6 years, an education which most pre-schools don't offer. At DeLor Montessori, your child will be given encouragement and guidance to develop himself years before most traditional educations even begin.


The Montessori philosophy is one which provides your child with the facilities and opportunity to learn when they are ready to learn, and at their own pace.



In 1980, Lori McGeoy and Debbie McKinley headed to San Diego, CA to take their Montessori Training with N.C.M.E., in hopes of soon starting a school of their own. In 1985 with the help and support of their parents Don and Nancy Kleist, "DeLor Montessori" was born.


The school started with a license for 60 children ages 2 1/2 to 6 years and currently operates at a capacity of 107 children, with ages ranging from 3 months to 6 years old.

They feel that providing a safe, loving and educational environment is an important part of DeLor. As another part of the Montessori philosophy each child is allowed to move at their own pace and muster skills when they show the readiness for them.

DeLor Montessori has served the Sunnyvale and Cupertino communities since 1985 and hopes to continue for many years to come.




Dr. Maria Montessori developed the Montessori Method of Education in the early 1900s. The Montessori method of teaching aims for the fullest possible development of the whole child, ultimately preparing him for life's many rich experiences. Dr. Maria Montessori developed her philosophy of education based upon actual observations of children.


Montessori recognizes that children have a natural curiosity and desire to learn. A Montessori teacher recognizes and takes advantage of this by introducing materials and activities which are specially designed to stimulate the child's intellect. These materials promote independence and creativity which allows children to progress at their own pace.


The purpose of the material is to focus on one concept at a time and lead the child through a sequence of steps. By working on one particular task at a time, the child works at his own level and is given the freedom (within boundaries) to make his own choices. The child has an opportunity to learn when they are ready to learn, and at their own pace.


Montessori teachers are trained facilitators in the classroom, always ready to assist and direct. Their purpose is to stimulate the child's enthusiasm for learning and to guide it, without interfering with the child's natural desire to teach himself and become independent. Each child works through his individual cycle of activities, and learns to truly understand according to his own individual needs and capabilities.


Everything in a Montessori classroom has a specific use or purpose. There is nothing in the prepared environment that the child cannot see or touch. All of the furniture and equipment is scaled down to the child's size and is within easy reach.


A quality Montessori classroom has a busy, productive atmosphere where joy and respect abound. Within such an enriched environment, freedom, responsibility, and social and intellectual development spontaneously flourish!

To learn more about a Montessori education, you should visit, and

"The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences."


~ Maria Montessori

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